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Your Multi-Channel Ad Campaigns, All in One Place.

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Campaign Creation

Build your ad campaign and set an alternate cost, landing page and rules per click and conversion. Set multiple conversion levels to accurately measure profit.

Track Attributions

Track digital marketing campaign performance from first click to conversion and every step in-between to gain insight into the customer journey.


Identify ad channel success through data comparison and visualization. Monitor advertisement spending to allow informed decision-making and maximize ROI.

Campaign Creation

Promote Your Product on any Ad Channel

  • Host an infinite number of campaigns.
  • Set variation of costs, URLs and rules for each ad channel.
  • Multiple conversion points for revenue accuracy.
  • Store video and banner display for ad buys.
  • A/B testing on campaign creatives.
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Track Attributions

Accurate Cost to Revenue Analysis & Its Growth

  • Insight into tracking source from click-to-conversion.
  • Discover geographic origins of each click.
  • Fraud and risk solution to maintain quality and health of network.
  • Detection of device, OS and browser for target reach.
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Allocate Your Budget. Watch Your Ad Spending, all in Real-time.

  • Dashboard to show your bottomline performance.
  • Comprehensive reporting on various matrixes.
  • Tailored illustration with custom fields and filters.
  • Campaign summary with charts & tables display.
  • Segment data collection for quick access and future searches.
  • Timestamp detail on all clicks and multipoint conversions.
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Whatever the Size, We Got You Covered



30,000 Events
  • Additional usage:
    Auto-Upgrade to Startup plan when exceeds 30,000 Events



100,000 Events
  • Additional usage:
    $1/1000 Overage Events
    $2/GB Media Usage



1,000,000 Events
  • Additional usage:
    $0.75/1000 Overage Events
    $1.50/GB Media Usage
Events include Clicks & Order Tracking.
Contact us for custom volume pricing for 1 Million+ Events.

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