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Lead Management

Organize and manage quality leads in order to guide consumers gear towards a specific product or service.

Incoming Leads

Collect, validate and manage your leads with proper filtering and scoring.

Outgoing Leads

Distribute high-quality leads and reach only potential customers. Weed out what you don't want.

Lead Management

Test, Measure and Optimize Leads

  • Overview screen provides snapshot summaries with easy navigations.
  • Custom fields allow specific requirements for a buyer's needs.
  • Unique Download links allow file transfer instead of attachments.
  • Lead token to easily include lead's info in API data, emails or downloads.
  • Log activities and history enhance analysis evaluation.
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Incoming Leads

Capture, Validate and Tailor Leads to buyer's need

  • Generate customized web links for lead collection.
  • Standardized quality control with filtering and scoreboard.
  • Verification on leads details for ideal targeting and approach.
  • Custom authentication for defined data selection and retention.
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Outgoing Leads

Post, Boost and Deliver Leads

  • Present qualified leads to multiple lead buyers for associated revenue.
  • Schedule instant or timed delivery.
  • Administer release of collected leads to buyers.
  • API transaction produce leads acknowledgement and responses.
  • Monitor buyer's acceptance behavior in purchase or dismiss.
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Whatever the Size, We Got You Covered



30,000 Events
  • Additional usage:
    Auto-Upgrade to Startup plan when exceeds 30,000 Events



100,000 Events
  • Additional usage:
    $1/1000 Overage Events
    $2/GB Media Usage



1,000,000 Events
  • Additional usage:
    $0.75/1000 Overage Events
    $1.50/GB Media Usage
Events include Clicks & Order Tracking.
Contact us for custom volume pricing for 1 Million+ Events.

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