Offer Performance Preview Chart

Offer Preformance Preview Chart

This chart gives insight on the latest performance of an offer. You can see this chart on Offer List Overview. It will look like the following:

EPC - shows the overall Affiliate's EPC (Affiliate Commission / Number of Clicks) for the past 30 days.

Green bars - represents the click volume on a particular day. One bar equals to one day. The chart will show the past 7 day worth of click volumes, thus 7 green bars.

Mouseover box (example: 35) - shows the click volume of the bar you mouseover.

However, use this chart as a way to get quick insight on the Offer Performance and not for detailed reporting. The chart is not real-time and it will be refreshed at least every 15 minutes.

All Interal User Roles (Owner and Admin User) can see this chart.