Offer Duplication

You can duplicate an offer by going to the Detail page of the offer you want to duplicate from and click the Duplicate Offer button:

Once clicked, you will be redirected to the newly create offer where you can edit the information.

The new offer will not carry over the following:

  • All Creatives
  • Campaigns List
  • Custom Prices
  • Leads belongs to the original offer
  • Lead Buyers
  • Any Optout Emails (for Email Creatives)
  • Marketing Site attached to the original offer
  • Snippets that the original offer has.

It will, however, carry over the following:

  • All the Offer Variants
  • Conversion Points
  • Conversion Requirement
  • Offer Countries
  • Offer Restrictions
  • Traffic Types
  • Offer Categories
  • Offer Tags
  • Email Template

You can also duplicate an offer from othe Offer List Overview, by clicking on the Offer Name dropdown and click on the Duplicate Offer: