Offer Creatives

Image Creatives - Banner of Different Sizes and Formats

Image creatives are used either internally to expose your offers in your network or externally for affiliates to use on their digital media campaigns. Affiliates will have unique HTML code that they have to copy and paste into their web pages. Any click originates from the banners will be tracked for quality monitoring purposes. The following formats are supported: .jpg, .gif, and .png.


Text Creatives - Standard for Writing Text Ad Copies

Advertisers may require affiliates to use certain ad copy format.


Share Creatives - Publication for Social Media Channels

As Social Media becomes a mainstream traffic channel for Digital Advertising, Converly makes it easier for affiliates to share eligible offers on social media they prefer. Available Social Media channels are Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Email Creatives - Asset for E-Mail Publications

Converly helps email marketers manage their email marketing assets. User can upload HTML and/or text form of the emails for affiliates to download. It contains unique Tracking URL for each Affiliate to use. User can also maintain the MD5 Suppression List for each Offer.

More Information on Email Creatives