Conversion Points

Beyond Referral Period
It is a status caused by the system checking for (Captured Time - Click Time) of a conversion to see if it exceeds Referral Period. For example: supposed an offer has 30 days referral period. Any conversion posted back to us after the 30 days from the click time will be automatically set to Rejected due to Beyond Referral Period.

Conversion Period 
It is period in days which the system will use to check if a conversion is past due or not.

On Past Due
It is a setting on what the system needs to do when it encounters Past Due conversions. Past Due conversion is a pending conversion whose Captured Time has exceed Conversion Period as measured from current time. There are three options: Do NothingAuto Approve, and Auto Reject.

  • Do Nothing - system will not do anything when encountering past due conversions. It will let the users decide on what to do with them.
  • Auto Approve - system will approve the past due conversions.
  • Auto Reject - system will reject the past due conversions.

System will check for any past due conversions on a daily basis.

Referral Period 
It is the maximum days elapsed from click time when advertiser promises to post back a conversion.