Click Redirection Rules

To fully utilize any traffic that can no longer be served by the intended campaign, the following Click Redirection Rules apply:

  Offer Variant Paused Offer Paused Advertiser Paused Campaign Paused or Cap Reached Affiliate Paused
Default Offer Variant 1        
Campaign Backup URL 2 1 1 1  
Default Campaign Backup URL 3 2 2 2  
Offer Backup URL 4 3 3 3  
Advertiser Backup URL 5 4 4 4  
Offer Category Parking 6 5 5 5  
Dead Offer Page 7 6 6 6 1

Numbers represent the order Converly will consider to redirect the traffic to.
Columns represent what is being paused or is no longer available.
Rows represent the target to redirect to.


Cases handled:

  • Offer being paused.
  • Campaign being paused.
  • Offer Variant being paused.
  • Affiliate being paused.
  • Advertiser being paused.
  • Campaign Hard Cap is reached.


For example:
When an offer is paused, Converly will attempt to redirect to any known Campaign Backup URL (and its default variation). If that's not available, it will attempt to redirect to Offer Backup URL, Advertiser Backup URL or its Category Parking. If those URLs are not available, then it will redirect to Dead Offer page.