Affiliate FAQs

To better manage and resolve any Frequently Asked Questions for your affiliates, Converly provides a way to create custom Affiliate FAQs that will be accessible from your affiliate's login panel.


Creating an Affiliate FAQ

1. From owner or admin panel, go to Affiliates > FAQs on the main navigation.

2. Click on Add New FAQ button

3. Fill in the form

Once filled out and submit, the FAQ will be shown on Affiliate login under Communications > FAQs main navigation on Affiliate login.


Reordering FAQs

You can re-order how FAQs will be displayed for your affiliates. Simply drag and drop the existing FAQs title:


Editing an FAQ

Simply click on the FAQ and click Edit.



  • Only FAQs that are set to Published are shown to the affiliates.
  • FAQ menu item on affiliate panel navigation will not appear when there is no published FAQs available.
  • Basic HTML content is applicable to FAQ's answer field.