Quick Start on SEO Marketing

Marketing Insights

We at Converly is putting together a list of stuff that you can do to start SEO Optimization for your site:

  • Always keep your content quality and original.
  • Make sure to sound natural, organic, and interesting.
  • Research your keywords: "summer gifts" and "summer presents" do not hold the same value, so use a keyword research tool to find the best one.
  • Link your posts to other pages on your site.
  • Rename your images to describe exactly what you see: "big-white-huskies", instead of "image342.jpg".
  • Use your keyword in your:
    • Title
    • Body
    • Meta Description
  • Remember: the easier it is for visitors to figure out your page, the more quality your content is, the higher your search engine rankings will get.

Some Dont's that Google and other search engines will penalize you for:

  • Don't keyword stuff - keep your content natural, and don't overdo it.
  • Don't duplicate your content - you want to make sure each page differs.

Make sure to use SEO everywhere you go.