New Feature: Facebook Share

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First of all, this feature is optional and by default it will be turned off. The reason is not all advertisers allow Social Media Marketing in their advetising policies. With that said, we are happy to announce the Facebook Share feature where your Affiliates can easily share their tracking link to Facebook right from the Affiliate UI.

To setup Facebook share on Converly, please follow these steps from Owner/Admin UI:

1. Go to Offer Detail Page and Click on Creative Tab:


2. Click on Share Radio Button and Click on Add New Creative:


3. Choose the Offer Variants and Facebook as the Social Media Version:


4. Click Submit.


Your affiliates that run the offer will then see the following:

To prevent Facebook sees the posts as spam, we ask each affiliate to write a custom message once they click on the Facebook button before they are able to share it on Facebook.

Here is the final result on Facebook (before clicking the Facebook Submit button):

Contact us at for questions, suggestions, bugs, etc.

Happy Sharing!