New Feature: Link Tracer

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Link Tracer is a new feature we launched to help Affiliate Managers test conversion on an affiliate tracking URL. Prior to this, when a manager wants to test a tracking URL, she needs to open the URL in a web browser, arrives on a landing page, fills out the form (or does all the things necessary) to get to the conversion page. Once there, she is hoping that the conversion will fire.

Geo targeting and IP Duplication filter (among other things) hinders the testing process. Whatever the reason is, Link Tracer helps the Affiliate Manager to simplify the testing process to only her and her affiliate.

Go to System > Tools > Link Tracer to start. Copy and paste the Affiliate's Tracking URL and click Trace.


Converly will then follow all the redirections and display each redirect URL.

Your tracking URL will be indicated by a dropdown where you can select to Post Test Conversion or to see the Tracking Info Details.

In the case of posting a test conversion, Converly will fires your affiliate's conversion pixel the same way a real conversion occurs.

Give it a try!

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